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Improving Stereo Playback

I have just replaced my Onkyo TX-NR809 with a Marantz SR6005. I have a Marantz UD7006 and my speaker set up is Mordaunt Short MS914's as fronts, MS304 centre, MS302 as rear and a Cambridge Audio Minx X200 as sub.

Firstly, are my speakers a weak point in my system, are they letting me down, should i upgrade and if so to what. Not tried bi-amping as yet, so this is still an option.

Also i have no experiance of dedicated stereo amps regarding music playback. I heard that Marantz AV's are considered to be more 'musical' than other manufacturers but would my music playback be enhanced if i was to connect to my system say the Marantz PM6004. I would still be looking at using the UD7006 for the CD playback or again is this something i should look to be adding to my system, a dedicated CD player.

Any advice or experiance would be gratefully received.