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How do HD audio codes work?



I am looking to get a sound-bar, and i have been very interested in the JBL SB400 sound-bar as it seems decently priced, and has a 5 star rating from What HiFi magazine. 


However, I have a question. I have many Blu-ray discs that have the DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD lossless audio codecs on there, which are made to be better than the normal Dolby Digital lossy codec. I have noticed that the JBL doesn't have DTS HD decoding, however my blu-ray player does. Bearing in mind that there are 3 HDMI inputs on the sound-bar. 


So my question is, will i still be able to get decent high definition audio from my sound-bar even though it doesn't decode these HD formats, but my Sony Blu-ray player does and there are still 3 HDMI inputs on the sound-bar?


If not, is there any way getting round it, for example: changing the blu-ray player settings to PCM only?



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RE: How do HD audio codes work?

You won't be getting true cinema HD audio from the DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD tracks as your soundbar can only accept stereo - both the Dolby and DTS formats have a minimum of 6 channels, including a centre, two rears and a subwoofer track, whereas the JBL could only accept the PCM stereo track from the Blu-ray player. The JBL does have a surround mode, but this is a psuedo surround mode created by the JBL to make a stereo soundtrack sound like it's surrounding you.


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