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Home Theatre Setup Querys

I am currently building up my hifi and would like some advice on some things.

My system is currently composed of:

Cambridge Audio Azur 540R reciever
Q Acoustics 2000Ci Centre Speaker
2 Acoustic Energy AE120 Floorstanders as front stereo
2 Acoustic Energy Neo Thee V2 Floorstanders as Rears
BK XLS400 Subwoofer for LFE channel and crossed over with the right AE120 (80hz)
REL Q100e subwoofer crossed over with the left AE120 (80hz)

This setup is being used for both music and as a home theatre.

I have problems with the bass response in my room and was looking to purchase a dspeaker antimode 8033c to provide a more linear response for the subwoofers. However at this price point I am considering upgrading my reciever to one with automatic room correction.

Could you suggest what reciever would be best for a budget of about 300-400 pounds? Also do you think the AE neo floorstanders that I own should be used as my main stereo speakers instead of the AE120s?

Also I found that there is a lack of clarity from the AE120 tweeters so i am using 2 Fostex PM04 speakers to compliment these. Is this a problem with my amplification of the speakers or just due to the speaker itself?

Any help is appreciated.