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Hit volume to come alive?

Just interested. Often quoted that systems 'come alive' at higher volumes. Is it speakers or amps responsible? Does it apply to AV as well as 2ch? Does it depend on the room acoustics, positioning or synergy? What is the meaning of the Universe? Time for medicine .......


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RE: Hit volume to come alive?

Robin I have been to concerts at the CBSO and The Barbican in Lonon and you get quiet pieces and very loud crescendos so I belive my HiFi and Receiver should both cope Try playing the opening  Aston and Alfa Romeo car chase in Quantum Solace loud you even hear violins when the bullets are flying and vehicles are mangled!!

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RE: Hit volume to come alive?

I'm pretty sure it's the amp coming alive. Putting more power behind the signal. Some systems will sound harsh the louder they get so can't be run too loud. In my experience it's down the the interconnects used. I can now run my Hi-Fi and Av set up louder due to my interconnects. With my old interconnects the system sounded harsh at loud volumes.

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