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HDMI 2 input to 1 output


Just had to change my SKY+ Box and the replacement does not have a component output. I need to find away of getting Sky and the PS3 into a single HDMI port on my Receiver, my Onkyo only has 2 HDMI inputs and the other is reserved for my Sony BDP-S760.

Can anyone suggest a splitter or auto switch that a) will work and b) will not compromise the performance of my resonably good QED HDMI leads. Other suggestions would be gratefully received, don't really want to change my receiver to resolve the problem.

Cheers Peter

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Re: HDMI 2 input to 1 output

I use an Oppo HM31, which is fully automatic and handles 1080p/24fps and has IR.  It prioritises the inputs, so if both devices are on, it defaults to input 1, then 2 etc.  It has 3 inputs and cost me £60 or so from crtprojectors

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