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Harmony remotes

Hi all


I am thinking of purchasing a harmony Logitech remote control. I am not sure which one though. I was just wondering how does the remote control work on sky? Is it any good with the epg guide


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RE: Harmony remotes

Yes, Harmony remotes are good with Sky's EPG guide.

The choice of remote depends on how many devices you want to operate & whether you want RF system built-in or not.

The non-touchscreen models have dedicated red / green / yellow / blue buttons as well.

In the touchscreen models (like the popular Harmony One), the red / green / yellow / blue buttons come up on the touch screen, like this:

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RE: Harmony remotes

Tks BB. I just ordered the 1100. Decided to splash out. Mrs is not going to be happy. How long did it take you to set up. I just want it to control tv, sky, DVD, amp, apple tv and iPod dock when I get one.


Let me ask u what is a DAC. Does it improve the sound of mp4s? Is it worth getting one? Also what dock for iPhone would u recommend?

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RE: Harmony remotes

Setup - give yourself about 10 hours

Only joking. Most devices are in their database so its easy but if you have any problems their support is really exceptional. I wanted to use it to control some room lighting and they set it up for me - the setup files are uploaded to their site so they can tinker with it for you. Enjoy and the wife will be delighted. Off to bed? ONE button switches everything off!


Basic setup an hour maybe but you can add favourites etc later.

PS - Even after 2 years when a battery began to play up they sent me new one. Free. Highly recommened (Harmony ONE)

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RE: Harmony remotes

Good choice, I have one and find it very easy to set up and use.

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RE: Harmony remotes

I've had the Harmony One for a year or so and it's great. I've just upgraded to the 900 for RF reasons. All my equipment is now in another room and the 900 works a treat! For Sky HD, you don't even need to teach the remote anything. My other 5 boxes took some tweaking but it's do much easier hitting "listen to music" and everything switches to the correct input.

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