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Focal Dome or new B&W M1's

Started out intending to simply upgrade my elderly Denon 2803 av amp, and now looking to get rid of my existing Musical Fidelity A3 CD/Pre/Power set up and run everything through a new AV amp and a new "lifestyle" sat/sub system, so the speakers need to be wall mounted.

I want to compromise on musical performance as little as possible. I've had my eye on a Focal Dome system and a Pioneer or Yamaha av amp. Demoed the Focals through a Pioneer LX86 amp and was suitably impressed, but happened to pop into another shop where the new B&W M1s were playing through a Yamaha A810. They sounded superb. The only problem is that the dedicated PV1 sub seems somewhat over priced and a bit too overpowering.

If I went for the M1s can someone recommend a suitable sub that would retain the B&W "sound" and match seamlessly with the satellite speakers??

I'm now totally confused as to what I want - the Focal/Pioneer package was good but pricey.


thanks for your help