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DVD recorder. help.

Hi all .. We currently have a JVC home cinema system which is about 8 years old and its time for it to go. We are not big on home cinema so have decided to get a DVD recorder for around the £200 mark. 

Trouble is we want the option to burn some programmes onto disc for our daughter to watch upstairs so need more than just a hard drive set up.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks Paul.

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RE: DVD recorder. help.

Welcome to the Forum.

Well, looking on Richers website here it looks like there is only LG and Panasonic available.

TBH £200 is only going to get you a pretty basic one.

Depends what you want it to do?

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RE: DVD recorder. help.


If you’re just looking for a basic recorder to record to disc then personally I’d  go for the Panasonic if you have a local RS with one in stock (they’re collection only).

Seperately, only you can decide if the 160GB HDD is large enough for your other recording needs depending upon the recording quality you’re looking for. For example, it will give you 35 hours in High quality mode, 70 hours in standard play, and 140 hours in long play. The extended play modes will give you 279 hours but PQ noticeably suffers, although you can obviously mix and match between these settings.


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RE: DVD recorder. help.

Hello Paul,

I am on my 4th Panasonic (one died in flooding) they are very easy to use and I edit out the adverts so I can burn a movie onto DVD (2 hours). My newest one has 1 TB hard drive and burns and plays Blurays. My cousin lives in Spain and bought a Samsung it was a pig to use he has now bought a Panasonic Smile .

I am sure you will love Panasonic.

Best Wishes


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