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I'm just about to purchase a home cinema system and with the help of your magazine ive plumped for a

Sony KDL40W2000 TV, Sony STR-DA1200ES Amp, Sky+, Denon DVD 1930, KEF-KHT 2005-2 Speakers and QED silver Anniversary XT speaker cables.

I would very much appreciate your input on the best way to connect them all together to make the most of the system i'll have.



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Am interested in the almost same buying same sytem Sony KDL40W2000 TV, anddSony STR-DA1200ES Amp

I will temporary use Toshiba  dvd player SD-370E while I wait for the blue ray player prices to come down. Am lost for the choice of speakers though. Am interested in the DOU 77A which have received review in May from What Home Cinema and are highly recommended or the the old set of Evo 3bs. What is your recommendation? I  buy your every month but have never seen the DOU 77As reviewed what do you think because these are my favourites.

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