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Connecting LG50pk350 to sony hi-fi

Looking for help to connect my lg 50" plasma to my sony hi-fi system as the tv does not have an audio out and the hi-fi only has two red/white line in connections,any help would be great!!::)Smile :smile:" width="19" height="19" class="smiley-class smileysProcessed" />

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RE: Connecting LG50pk350 to sony hi-fi



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RE: Connecting LG50pk350 to sony hi-fi

It's customary to write 'bump' if people have missed your post. Much more likely to get a helpful response than you behaving like a EDITED. 

I am the danger. 

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RE: Connecting LG50pk350 to sony hi-fi

If your scart can output audio, what you want is something like this.


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RE: Connecting LG50pk350 to sony hi-fi

I've tried configuring my LG LED TV to output audio via its scart connector and it looks like it will only work when running off the internal freeview tuner.

Either use the headphone socket or for better results get an optical to analogue converter (your TV should have an optical output on the back).  Been meaning to buy one for mine but havent got round to it yet lol.

Must have missed your original post otherwise I would have replied to it.

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