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Computer to Yamaha RX-V 1067 to Benq w1060 no image shown



I have a problem with making a projector show an image, and I thought you might be able to help me.


These are the different units and how they look from the rear:

Radeon HD 5500: Image

Yamaha RX-V 1067: Image

Benq w1060: Image


It is set up like this:

HDMI from HD 5500, to Yamaha RX-V 1067 in the port HDMI AV3

HDMI from Yamaha RX-V 1067 HDMI out 1, to Benq w1060 in port HDMI 1.


Is there anything I should be aware of when using a system like this? Compatibility or driver problems.


I am troubleshooting this for a friend. He mentioned it showing an image for a brief second. Now he is using DVI directly from the graphics card to the projector and that works fine, but it limits the use of the system in other regards. HDMI through the surround receiver would be the optimal solution. This is all the information I have to go on for now.


Hope you can help me out.

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RE: Computer to Yamaha RX-V 1067 to Benq w1060 no image shown

Can anyone confirm that the correct method of assembly, if you use HDMI, is the one described above?

Even simple stuff would be useful to me as I have no experience with surround receivers and I haven't had the chance to have the hardware in front of me yet.

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