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Compatability issues

  Hi for my birthday i was given a Sony BDP-S350 Blu-ray player to go along with my Toshiba 47Z3030 TV, I bought a Wireworld Island hdmi cable to connect with, following the sony's set up everything went well, it was only during loading/play of a blu-ray disc that i began to have some concerns. When i switch on the sony the menu screen comes up no problem but when i insert a disc the screen flickers a couple of times, turns blue then comes up with the film menu, it also does this if i try to use some of the extra features on a film. Playback of the film itself is fine even though some of the films playback options aren't available. I have spoken to Toshiba through their helpline and the retailer who have both told me it's not a problem and shoudn't cause any damage, so my questions are is this true and just two different makes interfacing , does anybody else have the same problems, is there a solution ?

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