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Can stereo and 5.1 surround co-exist?

Hi Everyone  Smile


I want to add 3 smaller speakers, to an existing system, to create a 5.1 set up - I have CA 650BD, Denon AVR 1910 and a 42" Pana for home cinema and a pair of Rega RS1s, a Rega Brio R and SBT for hifi. The room is 3.5 x 4.

I'd like to keep the RS1s and, using a Beresford TC-7220, share them between the Rega Brio R (for music) and the Denon AVR1910 (for movies). Using the RS1s as left and right fronts, I would then add a centre, left and right surrounds and eventually a sub.

I was thinking of the Q acoustics 7000C for the centre (in between the two RS1s) and and a pair of Qa 7000LR, on stands, just behind the settee. My buget is around £400 for the 3 speakers and 2 stands (sub later next year).

Any thoughts on this type of speaker integration, does anyone have experience in succesfully mixing speaker types in a 5.1 setup?


Hope you can help