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Cambridge Audio Aero 5.1 rear speaker question couch vs wall

hello i have the problem of the couch vs rear wall and where to put the rear speakers.

i was looking at cambridge audio aero 5.1 speaker set up and was intrigued by the rear speakers

Versatility is the key word when it comes to the Aero 3 surrounds. Their two opposing 4in BMR drivers allow you to use them either as bipoles in a 5.1 setup, or as dual monopoles in a 7.1 setup, where one driver handles surround information and the other plays the surround-back channel. Two sets of binding posts on the rear make this possible.


can i put the rear speakers on the wall above my couch and get effecitve rear surround sound or should i stick with ceiling speakers


another question are these speakers fundamentally different to dipoles ?





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RE: Cambridge Audio Aero 5.1 rear speaker questiion.

Many/most of us (probably) put up with non ideal layouts. Rear wall an obvious issue. It would seem to me that the flexibility of the Aeros is a great way to allow.experimentation leading to a decent compromise. THX is irrelevant but the various modes available may help to get the best sound possible. Too many variables to give a definitive answer but I would certainly go for it!  Smile

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RE: Cambridge Audio Aero 5.1 rear speaker couch vs wall

I think putting the Aero 3s on the rear wall (while not ideal) will work well. 

Ketan Bharadia

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