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B&W ASW610

In february my place was broken into and my entire home theatre was stolen. My theatre consisted of a 55 inch 3d tv, Harman Kardon avr660, B&W cm8(2 weeks old), Jamo SW2010 Subwoofer and Evo8 surround speakers from my old system.

2 months on life had to go on and I started replacing the stolen stuff. I bought the same Harman Kardon receiver, B&W cm8 and B&W ASW610 subwoofer. I considered buying the cm9 but they are way more expensive and I thought just bringin in a good sub will do the trick as the cm8 struggles with some lows.

The B&W ASW610 is amazing. It blends in so well you cant tell its there especially when playing music on 2 channel stereo. Not boomy at all. I know the B&W asw610XP beats the normal 610 hands down but Im so impressed.

Im already thinking of getting a 2nd one so I can run 2 subs

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