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blu ray and hdmi cables

hi all

i have been asked to help my father in law to purchase a bp and hdmi cables.he has sky hd already but uses the rubbish hd cable that came with his sony hd amp and speakers in a box. he also has a sony 40 inch lcd not sure wot series it is but cost 800 quid late on last year.so my querry is wot hdmi cables do you recomend for the sony 360bp. and the best way to wire up??


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Re: blu ray and hdmi cables

I've got a BDP-S760 and use the thatcable hdmi (1.5m length).  At £4.99 it is a complete bargain and I can testify to the lovely picture it produces.  As for wiring up the Sky HD - you'll have to use an HDMI for the picture and the optical out for the sound - sorry, Sky boxes are a bit of a pain that way.

Whether the HDMI cables go to your AMP or screen depends on the exact Sony amp you father has and also how many HDMI ins it and the screen has...

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Re: blu ray and hdmi cables

I will be upgrading all my cables for thatcables as I have ones that are either ones that came with the item and are cheap and old

I wont spend more than 10.00 each.

I have the subwoofer cable from them, and I have to say its top quality


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