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Best Bookshelf Speakers

My wife and I are remodeling our entire downstairs area.  I am getting rid of my PSB Image T6 towers and 9C center channel in favor of some smaller bookshelf speakers because of some of the changes we have made.  I just don’t have the room anymore for the towers.  I want three identical bookshelf speakers up front.  I also want good imaging, tonal balance, and overall audiophile level sound.  I have a fairly large room (22ft x 14ft) with a low ceiling of only 7.5ft.  So I need a speaker that will work well in this environment.  However, of course, I need all this on a budget.  I am trying to stay below $300 per speaker. After doing some exhaustive research on the web, I have narrowed the field down to a the following speakers: Aperion Intimus 632-LR $300 each, AV123 x-ls $219 each, Axiom Millennia M3 V2 $185 each, B&W 685 $300 each, Energy RC-10 $225 each, Tannoy Reveal 6 $200 each, Epos ELS 3 $150 each.  So, I have two questions.  First, can you provide your own feedback on the models I have listed?  And second, what other speakers should I be looking at within my budged?  I know my ears will have final say so, but I wanted to get your opinions as well. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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Re: Best Bookshelf Speakers

Well, if it's any help, we really rate the B&Ws and like the Epossesses too - the others either aren't sold in the UK or we haven't tested them yet.

Anyone else have a view?

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