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Bespoking my Amp

I have a Yamaha Z7. I know its not 3D capable (mainly i understand because it uses HDMI 1.3). Are there any companies out there that can upgrade the amp to be 3D? I like the amp and its sounds, and don't really want to replace. I know you can get Blu-ray players with dual HDMI, but frustrated with multiple HMDI cables running around and all the switching as changing set ups. I also have sky, apple Tv, xbox and PS3. Ideally want it all going through the amp with one lead to TV. keeps it all simple and just change input on amp.

So, does anyone know a company that can 3D enable a legacy amp?

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RE: Bespoking my Amp

Never heard of any company offering that sort of service and it certainly wouldn't be cheap.


Considering how inexpensive dual HDMI output Blu-ray players are, I think this is your best solution.

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RE: Bespoking my Amp

I don't know of any company that would do a 3D upgrade on a general AV receiver. I do know that Richard Stevenson of Home Cinema Choice had Denon do a 3D upgrade on his flagship A1HD amplifier, HERE, and VoodooDoctor is quite correct, it wasn't cheap! I'm not sure that I understand the aversion to a £300 dual-HDMI output Blu-Ray player, which would necessitate only one more HDMI cable?

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RE: Bespoking my Amp

Interesting, although it was a Dennon upgrade, and i believe Yamaha have come out and said 'no' for the Z series amps.

The reasons is two parts. One is just trying to cut down on cables everywhere. Wall mounted TB and i already have 1 HMDI, ethernet RJ45, and power lead.

The second, and main reason is simplicty. My other half struggles turning TV on as it is. Having to switch TV inputs and Amp seeting for different hardware configs gets complicated, hell i lose track sometimes!  

Also, want happens when the next xbox or Playstation arrives (both are due) with full 3D over HMDI 1.4 - two more HMDI cables to the TV?

I just thought a company might offer the service, although agree long shot Sad

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RE: Bespoking my Amp

A long term lurker on these forums, but first time posting...

I also have a Z7 and no desire to change what's otherwise a perfectly serviceable amplifier. My TV is wall mounted and I ran two HDMI cables up the wall, across the ceiling and back down to the TV when a faulty heating system meant cutting large access holes to repair the leaking pipes. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I wish I'd considered how those cables would be upgraded before the ceiling was reinstated.

I have my Sky Box connected using the first HDMI cable, with the second HDMI hooked up to the Z7. This lets me watch the news without turning on the Z7, and avoids the 100W the Z7 consumes in standby (at least according to the energy meter I was using at the time).

If I was to change my TV for a 3D model, I'd look at an HDMI distribution box. You can get them in various combinations, with say 4 inputs and 2 independent outputs. That way, you can hook up your games consoles, Sky box, etc. to the distribution box and have one output feed the TV, and the other feed the amp.

A search for "3D hdmi distribution box" should find what you need. The Media Factory have some Octava devices which have been tested with 3D, and £262 gets you the 4-in x 2-out system I mentioned above.

Hope that helps.




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