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AV Advice Needed

I have just purchased my first TV/Blu-ray set up (Panasonic TX-L37DT30B and DMP-BDT310) using advice in What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision, and I intend to connect them to an existing pair of Bose Acoustimass speakers. I also want to “stream” music & films from my Media Centre computer to the TV via a media player/server such as the Western Digital TV Live Hub. With this sort of setup do I need to use a DAC? Also, I need to upgrade my old NAD stereo amplifier to something more modern but having purchased the TV & Blu-ray my budget is somewhat restricted. Would you suggest going for another stereo amplifier or would I be better off with a cinema receiver in case I want to upgrade to 5 speakers in the future? In either case, can you suggest a suitable budget amp or receiver that would suit this setup (one with a digital audio connection and a remote if possible). Finally, will an audio out from the TV to the amplifier or receiver carry the audio from any devices connected to it (eg the Blu-ray player and a Sky box) or will they need to be connected to the amp/receiver independently? This is an area which is fairly new to me so I will be extremely grateful for any advice that anyone can give and i hope that i have selected the most appropriate forum. :help: