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any ideas??

I have very limited knowledge whens it comes to home cinema systems, i have a budget of around £400 - £500 pounds to buy the set up, any advice you could give me would be geatly appreciated -  its to be linked with a sony KDL-40W2000 LCD TV  & my PS3. HELP!!!!!!!

Im unsure whether to get an Av receiver and speakers (is this possible with this budget??)  something along the lines of a sony DCAC system due to the ease of set up?

or just a cinema surround kit, i dont want a kit with a DVD player ideally??



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Re: any ideas??

If you don't want a DVD player, you could go for the Yamaha AV59 system (£250 all in), comprising the RXV-359 AV receiver and a full set of NSP-110 speakers, complete with centre speaker and 50W active subwoofer.

Alternatively, one of our favourite budget AV amps at the moment is the Onkyo TX-SR505 (£250), to which you could add some stylish surround speakers such as KEF's KHT-1005 package (£300). It might cost more, but it will give better performance than the AV59.

The third alternative is a digital sound projector such as Yamaha's YSP-900 (£600). This is a single speaker bar with built-in amplification that simply hooks up to your PS3/TV and is designed to sit under your screen. It bounces sound off the walls of the room to give a pseudo-surround effect, and is pretty effective, although can't quite match the performance of a full 5.1 system.

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Re: any ideas??

Andy, cheers for that, after searching through the information you have given me i am finding the prices a lot cheaper, mayvbe you could advise of a kit for around £650 as i think some of th kit will be cheaper.

 IE Yamaha's YSP-900 (£600)



 so maybe if i head for a pricier system i can get some savings by shopping about a bit.


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