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Another : Advice needed thread :)

Hi there,

I'm a starter in this field of expertise and seek your advice on the following,

To enjoy movies and music better i would like to know what suits my situation best

- to play movies ( DVD / BD ) ( my television is 46" )

- to listen to music ( streamed / i-tunes / cd / i-net radio / etc  ) When i listen to music i like to put out some volume at times ( dont we all Biggrin )

My room is about 35 square meters, an my budget is about 2k Euro.

I've looked at several threads on this forum and build some ideas. Taking my wifes wishes in consideration i will need to be a 2 or 2.1 based system because she doesnt want any cables in the room. And the speakers need to be shiny white to match the rest of the furniture.

Last but not least, i allready have a NAS ( WD World book ) and it would be nice if that is supported, but thats not mandatory.

Thanks in advance for your assistance



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RE: Another : Advice needed thread :)

I noticed the Denon CARA

It seems to support 2.1


Any experience with this product?


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RE: Another : Advice needed thread :)

Looking further i stumbled upon the onkyo TX-NR515 which also supports 2.1 and on top of that it has some built in spotify support. It does mean getting a sepparate bd player though.

I really like to get some advice on this Onkyo, it has a 5 star rating in here but what kind of speakers do i need to get for a 2.1 setup?

My collegue told me to get active speakers but for me active speakers, anyone can conform that?

some feedback would be much appreciated since i am still lost in here

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