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2 Quick questions

Im being a little dumb here but I could use a little insight from people here.


I would like to add a cd player to my current setup I know I could just connect one to the amp but I realise that buying a dedicated amp would be the way to go  so is there a way of connecting an amp to my sony av amp.


secondly I am thinking of upgarding my chord £5 a meter speaker cable on the fronts not only for quality but also to tame a little of the b rightness  have approx £20 max a meter max spend


Many Thnaks



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Re: 2 Quick questions

hey B2D, I think you can connect your amp to the pre outs on your receiver (if it has any). As for speaker cable I'd go for some Chord Rumour or Odyssey. There are some who talk about a far off land where a cable by the name of Van Damme is king......never been there myself but may be worth a visit.

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Re: 2 Quick questions

Looking at the Sony website, I can't see it mentioning any pre-amp outputs. Going on that no you can't add a stereo amp to use as a power amp for a cd or the front channels. You could use the spare amps in a 5.1 system to bi-amp your front speakers if they the facility though. That could improve performance of the system.

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