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2 Questions: TV size and Distance and Upscale?

I have 2 questions really.

In my new apartment, I will be about 9 feet (3 meters) from the TV screen.  I read that the recommended distance from TV  depends on the quality of the signal (PAL, 1080i, 1080p).  From a brochure I read they recommend for a 52" TV to be

PAL  - 12 feet away (Min)

HDTV 1080i - 6 feet away (min)

HDTV 1080p 4 feet away (min)

My first question is what is your experience on this.  Does it hold true that you should be so far away with normal PAL on a 52" TV?

 My second question is about Upscaling.  I want to use a Yamaha RX-V1900 receiver to upscale to 1080p the PAL signal.  How does this work and is it worth it?  Can a receiver really turn a PAL signal into a HDTV signal?  I guess I plug my SCART cable into the receiver and then adds missing pixels and send it to the TV?

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Re: 2 Questions: TV size and Distance and Upscale?

I think that brochure is talking about covering the deficiencies of a normal standard definition picture when viewed on a screen so large - certainly with the picture quality of some daytime programming on Freeview digital even having the TV In the same county would be too close.

But I'm not sure how you are supposed to achieve those different distance settings, short of mounting the TV or your sofa on some kind of track system, controlled by the screen input resolution. Stick out tongue

I think you'll be fine with the TV you're thinking of buying at that distance, provided you accept that some standard definition programmes are going to look a bit rough on it.

Yes, it's worth having that receiver, but it can't turn SD PAL into HD: rather it interpolates extra lines to make the picture look better.

And no, unfortunately you can't connect your Scarts into these receivers: they don't have Scart sockets, and will only accept HDMI, component YUV (usually not RGB), composite and S-video, depending on the model.


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