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2 Questions Sound and optical

Hi All,

Q1: Follow up to my last weeks question, i have a PS3 connected to my Pioneer surround sound via optical cable then to my TV via scart lead, it displays Dolby Digital when watching Nomal DVD or playing games such as Tiger woods 09 but put a Bluray disc in it and it only displays Pro-Logic, there is also a setting on my tv picture settings that only appear when a HDMI signal is recived but its the same again as the sound signal not there when watching bluray discs,

Q2: Are all optiacl cable standard fitting as i have just got sky HD and need to get another 2 cables and optical switcher as my surround only has one in-put.

 Thanks in advance for taking time to read this and respond.

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Re: 2 Questions Sound and optical

on Q1 - perhaps you need to select the correct soundtrack on your blu-ray discs?  It may default to outputting Dolby True HD which your optical cable cannot carry, and your amp can't handle, so it treats it as a stereo signal and applies pro-logic?

Q2 - as far as I know optical cables are standard fitting.  Is your TV HD ready or Full HD?  (you mentioned using scarts, so just checking).  In any case, it might be an idea to consider upgrading your amp to something that can get the most out of your BD player?

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Re: 2 Questions Sound and optical

What settings are you using on the player and how is everything connected?


Optical cables mostly use toslink connectors so as long as they do, they'll be fine.  Some optical cables use other connectors, sometimes as one end only e.g. 3.5mm (mini jack) connector from laptops (spdif) but these are specific cables.  If you visit any online cable retailer most optical cables will be toslink.  I recommend Fisual Pro at a fiver.



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