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2 ht queries

Hi all,

I am just wondering if having an all inceiling speaker ht room, is there any point going for more than the 5.1 set up.will i see a dramatic improvement if i decide to go for 7 or 9 speakers,or is the 7 and 9 channel more pronounced with speakers not located in the ceiling.
i know that most of you will say go at least in wall as far superior to in ceiling,however, i can t for a few reason. i use to have a pair of focal 706 as front but always wanted to listen to semi decent in ceiling but could not find a dealer that carried a good set of in ceiling and was always given the same answer....so i bit the bullet and bought a pair of speakercraft aim 8 three on the net and i must admit i was pleasantly suprised. it was a bit strange at first but overall, quite enjoyable.
secondly, if one was to describe the sound characteristic of the onkyo 5009 and yamaha 3010, what would one be.