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2 Channel Home Cinema

I have just purchased the award winning Samsung UE46B8000 LED TV and want to add a bluray player and improve sound. The room is a large 40sqm garden room with tiles on the floor and I don't particularly want to chop the walls out so am thinking of a 2 channel system. This is where I am stuck. I would like HDMI/digital transfer and need to spec speakers and bluray player. I am also likely to play the IPOD thru the system and my son's Xbox. Price wise mid range stuff would be ideal since I won't upgrade for many years.

 Any ideas on models. Thanks

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Re: 2 Channel Home Cinema

Hi Shabazmo,

It would help if you wanted the system to play music as well as for home cinema or just movies. I use B&W 685 Theatre with an Onkyo 905 Receiver. This package uses the B&W 685 as the front speakers and they are excellent with music and Blueray movies. You could use the B&W 685 s with the matching subwoofer and you would have a 2.1 system (the 0.1 refers to the subwwofer) and if you felt the need you could easily upgrade to the  full 685 theatre system. You would need stands for the front speakers eg Atacama Nexus 6i Speaker Stands and decent cables eg Chord Company Carnival SilverScreen. Then you could look at home cinema recievers from Sony, Denon, Onkyo and Pioneer and blueray players form Panasonic, Sony and Pioneer. I am not sure if this fits your description of "midrange". I have still got a Nytech receiver and Celestion speakers which are over 30 years old and were manufacured in the UK.

Best wishes


PS look at the website for reviews before going for a listen.

Onkyo 905 B&W 685 Theatre & B&W ASW 610 subwoofer Panasonic DMR BWT 720

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