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I've just finished reading this months copy of What HiFi and the budget DVD test, which got me thinking about upgrading my DVD player. I've got a Sony RDR-HX510 which plays at 576p on my Sony KDL40W2000 but I am now thinking about buying the Samsung from the test (HD780 I think). I am using good quality component cables on my Sony player as it doesnt have HDMI output and I wondered if anyone could tell me whether there would be a big enough difference in the picture quality from 576p to 1080p to warrant buying the additional player. Thanks. Matthew

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Re: 1080p

The main benifit from upgrading your exsisting DVD player is that when using a HDMI connection you are getting a digital transfer of information between the DVD player and the screen cutting out the digital-analog-digital process of using components so yes you sholud be able to see a clear differnce on you tv and seeing as the Samsung 870 is under £100 you are not exactly breaking the bank.Geeked

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