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10 metre Sub Cable Needed

I need to buy a long 10 metre sub cable as I need to change the position in of the sub in my living room. Can anyone recommend any good ones - I can't seem to find any reviews anywhere.

Ideally I need one that is white and not overly thick as the wire is going to show. I was considering the QED 'Performance Miniature Subwoofer' Interconnect as it is quite thin but I haven't found any reviews of it.


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Re: 10 metre Sub Cable Needed

I use the very same cable or at least an older version of it and it works a treat.

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Re: 10 metre Sub Cable Needed

If you can get away with 7.5metres i found this one (type in your browser):


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Re: 10 metre Sub Cable Needed

Monster do some good subwoofer cables which can be had for a good price via eBay from the USA.

I used to use Monster M1000 interconnects with my Cyrus pre-amp to Cyrus Mono blocks, they kept all of the Cyrus sparkle but helped to add some low end thump. If you can get an M-Series subwoofer cable I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Alternatively speak to Custom Cable Services, New Malden, Surrey. They used to sell M1000 off the reel to the required length and get some WBT Locking Phono's fitted by them.

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