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You love it, they don't.

My lovely partner enjoys a fairly eclectic range of music and I like to think we have some common ground when it comes to music listening. However, certain music causes a less than harmonious vibe in the home. Here are my songs that always elicit anything from a frown to full blown legal proceedings, depending on the prevailing wind. 1) Blindness - The Fall; 2) Music For Six Marimbas - John Cage; 3) Most of the Beastie Boys' back-catalogue. (Actually, Number 2 is only wheeled out when I want to provoke a reaction, so that doesn't count really). She loves it, I hate it section: Anything by Jewel and 99% of Sheryl Crow's sincere whine. Mutual appreciation: Belle & Sebastian, Rufus Wainwright, Dinu Lippatti playing Chopin. . . Anyone else care to share?