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Yet Another HELP ME PLEASE!!!

First Hello to everyone

           Here''s My Problem I have £1500 to spend on amp and speakers & speaker cable about 2x7M. The room size is approx                        4m x 4m and 2.5m in height and was wondering (well asking really) on any amp speaker & speaker cable combinations that                  would make the music sound like music and not garbage. I only listen to classical and rock music (Rush Yes Dream Theater                to list a few) and only on vinyl so please no cd comments.


Thanking you all very much in advance 


PS Please be kind. 

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Re: Yet Another HELP ME PLEASE!!!

What source(s) will you be using?



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Re: Yet Another HELP ME PLEASE!!!

Sorry forgot to mention the source is a Project Xpression III turntable.



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Re: Yet Another HELP ME PLEASE!!!

If you are a vinyl-only person, then I'm guessing you prefer a not-too-bright sound.

If so, avoid the MA Silver range. I love my RS6s, but they are a bit in-your-face.

Try something like a Naim Nait 5i (with a cambridge 640p for the phono) with Rega R3s or R5s...should sing.


There was an emphasis on the word Try, when parting with a grand and a half, there is the potential for very expensive mistakes. You need to be thinking of at least two or three hours in a dealer to make sure you get the sound you want.

Also, make sure that you compare his listening room with yours. If yours is wooden-floored with minimal furniture, it will sound brighter and harsher than a carpeted room with big sofas and floor length curtains...

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Re: Yet Another HELP ME PLEASE!!!


I recently heard an interesting combo... the Roksan Kandy L3 amp (has phono) driving a pair of ProAc Studio 110's... sounded very nice indeed, but stands & cables would take you a little over budget.

Worth an adition imo as you are a vinyl fan though !

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Re: Yet Another HELP ME PLEASE!!!

the proacs are fantastic speakers but i don't think the kandy amp is the best match.  i found the tonal balance of the proacs is biased a little too much towards the treble, lovely treble though it is.  i found dynaudio focus 110 to be a better tonal match with my kandy amp.  however, the dyn's might be a bit strong in the bass in a fairly small, square room.  if you can you should audition the proacs though, you might like the tonal balance and they really are sweet speakers.  i recall someone else on this forum posting that he found primare and proac a good combination.  you really need a home demo though, as your room will probably sound different to a dealers demo room.

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Re: Yet Another HELP ME PLEASE!!!

I would go down Exposure/Triangles route if classic rock is your music taste, can't beat the combo at this price point.  You could of course up budget to Niam/Neat or Densen/Kudos.

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