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Yamaha as500 - not impressed....

As said in title, just pickd up as500 today and it seems flat, with a lack of clear detail?


i had an old denon pma-560, which sounded brilliant, absolutely brilliant! It was my dads, and he let me have it recently, though its now starting to cut out, so that's why I bought the yam,


im running bx2's, and it just doesn't sound as open or as accurate as the old denon? I don't know much about the old denon, anyone know if it was a fairly expensive amp back in the early 90's? It's just I really thought the yam would sound a lot better, seen as its 20 years newer! 


The volume pot on the denon was seamless and sensitive, but the yam is so horrible, it's either loud or quiet between 8 and 9 o clock position. It just seems very mediocre...


was my denon pma560 just a great amp? Or am I just used to the denon?

 Help please, as I may take yam back to richer sounds and get 2nd hand denon 560 again... 


I really wanted to like this amp, it's just not doing it for me so far.



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RE: Yamaha as500 - not impressed....

Did  you hear before buying? I would give it another day.

If you don't like it I would take it back and check to see if they have any Arcam A18s left and try that if they do. Denon and Marantz are the same company so Marantz maybe a better replacement?

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