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what's it worth?

Evening all, just need some guidance. Looking to sell the rega apollo, was wondering what the going rate would be for one around 18 months old?


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Re: what's it worth?

sell it to maxflin.what will you get then?

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Re: what's it worth?

In mint nick, with box and original internal packing, given the £500 price new, I'd be popping it out there for £350 - not Ebay, try Hi Fi Adverts or Gumtree and avoid the rubbish fees.

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Re: what's it worth?

They are £475 brand new. (Latest March 2010 prices)

Bear in mind that UK dealers (like Audio-T) give 3 year guarantees on these items. (Check with your dealer if the 18 months remaining guarantee is transferable.)

I would say £300 + P&P  and only £350 if it is mint/boxed/all documentation AND the guarantee is transferable.

Any more and a punter may as well buy new or ex-dem from a dealer.

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Re: what's it worth?

And at that point it becomes trading. Thread locked - MODS

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