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RE: What speakers have you owned?

jaxwired wrote:

Very hard to rank all these speakers.  For one thing, there's not a bad speaker on this list.  They all have many strong points.  What I can do is list the ones that I enjoyed the most in no particular order:

Kef Ref 103.3 (had them for 10 years) Will always have a soft spot for KEF

Dynaudio Contour S1.4 (also had these for quite a long stint)  Not saying they are technically the best of all the Dyns I owned, but I definately enjoyed them the most.

PMC DB1i - Just something magical about these speakers IMO.

KEF LS50 - Best imaging of any speaker I've owned.  Accurate as he!! without harshness.  Superb small monitors.

PMC OB1i - I should never have sold them.  I loved every minute with these.

PMC IB2s - All I can say is wow this is a heck of a good speaker.  The most expensive speaker of the lot but my first experience with truly full range speakers.  I love them and I hope I can resist my tendencies to box swap and keep them for a long long time. 


Hi Jax,


Out of interest, any reason why the SHL5 doesn't make it on this list? other than looks that is.

Also, the OB1i, would it be a non starter having them in a small listening room?



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RE: What speakers have you owned?

ErwinC wrote:

Singslinger wrote:

Hello ErwinC, sorry for the delay in replying. I'd say the best of the lot was the ProAc. Amazing bass from such a small cabinet and an overall very musical speaker.


Thanks for the late reply. Wink

Do you think these Proacs can be placed close to the back wall (10 inch)?

Yes they can but they are much better further away in free space. Also, you need to place them on very heavy, rigid stands to get their full benefit. Hope this helps.

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Speakers I have owned

Great thread, Cno.
Amazed how un-fickle I seem compared to some, though I had the inestimable benefit of hearing many speakers at the shop where I had my Saturday job until about 1985. So I never needed to own AR-LSTs, Sonabs, Quad ELS, KEF 105, ESS Heil, and many more.

Acoustic Research AR-4xa c. 1974
AR-7 c. 1976 (to create a quadraphonic system)
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Mission 760i c. 1993 for a second system
Sonus faber Concerto 1998 to date

I thought your wrap-around speaker might have been the JR149 but they were foam not cloth. I do remember that KEF series though, but not for their sound.

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