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Upgrade - Worth It?

Current System: Linn Classik, LK100, Kudos, Pro-ject Xperience, Trichord Dino/Dino+, bi-amped Ruark Prologue One, VDH interconnects, Linn speaker cable.

I'm  now wondering about removing the Classik and replacing with a Wakonda pre-amp, a Mimik/Karik CD player and a second LK100 (to allow me to continue bi-amping). However, I'm unsure about how the Wakonda / Mimik pairing compare sound quality wise to my existing Classik. At the risk of confusing the issue, what I'd like to improve is the three dimensionality of the sound and a less congested midrange.

Any opinions or suggestions?





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Re: Upgrade - Worth It?

Yes, I think that sounds like a sensible move, and should deliver what you're after. I'd go for a Karik every time, and if you can find a Numerik DAC as well you'll be very chuffed with the sound.

I spotted a Karik/Numerik combo for sale for £725 the pair online the other day - google Karik/Numerik and it might pop up again if it hasn't been snapped up.

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Re: Upgrade - Worth It?

Great - thanks Andrew. Karik would be my preference too.

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