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Upgrade advice

 Hello to all members.

I am a big music fan and have been using the same system for many years now (started with great intentions but let it lapse).

Current system.

Marantz CD63Ki
Marantz PM4000
Tannoy Mercury M2
Alphason stands
Sonic Link Silver Pink interconnect
Cable Talk 3.1

Budget = €1000 approx
Room size = 10mts x 11mts

I have recently found certain types of music sounding bland and want to spend a few quid upgrading the system. I listen to a broad spectrum of music, ranging from Tori Amos to Iron Maiden.

I want to keep my CD player but would love to change the speakers (I like the idea of B&W).

Any advice on the subject will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Upgrade advice

user="Superfour" wrote:
I want to keep my CD player but would love to change the speakers

That's a good start, as for to what I am sure someone will come along and point you in the right direction in a moment.

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Re: Upgrade advice


I would look at amp first,then speakers,there are much better speakers than B&W or monitor audio out there,take your time,spend your money wisely.

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Re: Upgrade advice

hello there,thats a fair size room so a more powerful amp i think is the order of the day.the roksan kandy or audiolab 8000s pump out a fair bit of volume and the exposure 2010s is a very nice amp all around the £500 to £600 mark.as for the speakers epos and dynaudio are very nice.of course you will have to have a demo as some makes work better than with others.the creek evo is another make you could consider with the epos speakers,powerful amp and the speaker work well together.if you google superfi the creek is on special offer with their own cd player if you go down that road.i know you say you want to keep the cd player which i admit is very good but you may find the need to upgrade takes a hold of you.good luck,gregory.

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Re: Upgrade advice

 Thanks for the advice lads. Its hard to find good Hi-Fi in Dublin these days. All the specialist shops have disappeared (I worked for HM Entertainment in Dawson St but they have closed also).

I cant buy from the net for the obvious reason (cant demo the gear before I buy). I must see if Noel clooney is still in blackrock.  

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Re: Upgrade advice

I was in Cloney Audio in Blackrock just last Saturday. I've only just discovered them and they seem very good. I went for a demo of the B&W 685s I'm thinking of buying. They have a ?150,000 pair of Wilson Audio speakers set up at the moment if you want to go and have a listen!

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