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stereo amplifier/receiver recomendations (help)


I´m new here. I wanna buy a stereo receiver or amplifier, only for music. I have only the following alternatives to buy, cause in my country they are very expensive for my budget.
The alternatives are these (and only these) :                                                                                                                           

Onkyo tx-8255        
Yamaha r-s300          
Yamaha r-s500          
Yamaha a-s300          
Yamaha a-s500        
Denon dra-500          
CA topaz am10          
CA topaz rs10           
CA azur 350a           

The idea is to use it with a pair of Dali Zensor 1 or Monitor Audio BX2, cause I read good reviews of both of them (I have to buy the speakers as well).                                                                                                                          


I´ve been reading almost all reviews I found (though I didn't find no one for the Denon receiver), cause I won't have the oportunity to hear them before buying. I would like you to help me to find the best buy I can do given the alternatives I have. Any help, recomendations, warnings, etc. are much appreciated.                                                                                                                          


Thanks you in advance (and excuse me for my poor English).

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RE: stereo amplifier/receiver recomendations (help)

If you put things like this, buying without demo, then... If i were in your shoes probably i'll go for the Yamaha A S500 and Monitor Audio RX2, as it was a "What Hi-Fi" recommended combo last year! 

But please trie to demo the unit before buying, even it is not the combo that you want.

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