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Spent 12 quid and saved 260

Just found out about a month ago (through the forum) that all of the outputs on the Sonos Connect are on all of the time.

This got me thinking that I could use the digital coax output to feed the av amp in the basement rather than buying another connect (tight get).

Ordered a 25' coax cable and last night I fished it down to the amp in the basement connected it up, switched the amp on, clicked the input and there it was, music, controlled from my phone.

Fair enough, it's not as flexible as being able to control each floor differently, but I don't need that feature.

I can now have the same music playing in the basement, main floor and garden at the same time.

I may even fish an optical cable to the garage and convert to phono to run a pair of actives.


Just thought I'd put this experience on here, just in case someone was planning something similar.

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RE: Spent 12 quid and saved 260

I have speaker cables running to kitchen and to dining room. I currently have to go in the living room to control everything but that will be improved on in a matter of 10 days. 

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