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speakers to match marantz cd6002 & pm 6002


I have been advised to buy the above seperates and now need new speakers. Ideally floor standers with strong bass and depth of sound. I play a lot of acoustic music and some indie/rock

I have been told Kef, B&W and Tannoy are good, but I am not sure which will work best with the above support.

Can anyone help with advice so I can get a shortlist to test.

 Thanks, David.

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Re: speakers to match marantz cd6002 & pm 6002

Hello David, the tried and tested obvious suggestions you will get from here would be


a) Mordaunt Short 902i

b) B&W 685

c) MA BR2.  


Kef iQ3 is really good, looks cute also J, Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom is also very nice sounding speaker but comes with that pale bland looks. (purely subjective and personal openion)


Do audition these if possible before making your choice!


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Re: speakers to match marantz cd6002 & pm 6002

I have that set up with the B&W 686's and am very happy with it but, as stated earlier, listen to a few as what's good to me may not be to you.


Good luck.



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