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Speaker Dilemma

Just replaced my Rotel Processor/Power 5.1 system with a nice new 2 channel stereo.

 Got the NAIM 152 XS Pre-Amplifier & NAIM 155 XS Power-Amplifier.  Currently feeding in a NAD C541i CD Player and out to a pair of B&W DM602 S3.

Got my eye on the NAIM CD5 XS but struggling with the speaker selection.

I've demo'd ProAc D18's, which the Dealer was heavily trying to push (which put me off!) but good deep bass, not as tonally transparent as the  Spendor A6's, though the dealer was dead against the Spendor's which I preferred over the D18's, but apparently I was wrong! how rude, anyway he didn't get the sale of my Naim gear, a very very nice guy in Chester did! 

Spendor A6 (very warm and rich sounding, tonally very accurate, less deeper bass than the D18's but brighter and punchier, better in the trebble)  Maybe too warm with the Naim being very smooth and warm sounding too.

 I was wondering if anyone could suggest other speakers to try with this setup? 

I'm also going to try the Neat Motive 1's, but at a loss what else to try and pair with this.