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RE: Some new gear, can't say I'm impressed


We used to live on the Old South Head Road, just down from Bondi Junction.

Saturday afternoon a few beers in the Royal then down to the Coogee oval for a bit of rugger, this was the era of 'Campo' and multiple Ella brothers, seriously good stuff.

BTW. Did you ever meet Mathew Bond, he lived down that way and had a hi-fi store in Bondi Junction back into the late 80s before he headed off to California to make his name with Tara Labs.


Edited to add. I did work briefly for Mathew who at that time was heavily into valves and vinyl. Wires too, some good stories there! Mostly I did some work for Warren Stolmack, mostly sorting out LP12s that few people in Sydney knew how to set up in those days.

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RE: Some new gear, can't say I'm impressed

John Duncan wrote:

steve_1979 wrote:

davedotco wrote:

chebby wrote:

Given all you say, how can you bear to be here Dave?

What can I say, I am on a mission of enlightenment........ >)

Good luck with that one...

I have to say though it's good to have someone who's technically knowledgeable on the forum.


None taken...


Obviously there are a few other knowledgeable people on here too. But it's always good to have more experts because the majority of the members here are just keen amateurs (myself included).

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RE: Some new gear, can't say I'm impressed

Mate! Don't know Matthew Bond, but Coogee , what can I say - used to surf there of an evening (not perfect, those rips were confusing). Know Bondi Junction well - remember the dealer/pimp with the open-top Mercedes who wore a fur coat even in summer?

Campo was a legend! Me, I was down at UNSW failing multiple courses. Used to hang out in Newtown more than Bondi, though.

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RE: Some new gear, can't say I'm impressed

The dealer you are referring too was I think Eastern European and as mad as a hatter, can't for the life of me remember his name though.

Mathew had a shop a few units down from the madman though he was gone by my time. Mathew used to buy a certain Aussie brand of twin and earth that was, reputedly of very high purity. We would strip out the live and neutral (red and black) run it front to back in the shop and give it a twist with the old black and decker.

We used to sell it at A$20 per meter, twice the price of the then best selling Monster cable that it easily outperformed. Then one evening after work, we were in the pub and he told me he was going to the US to start a cable company.

What are you going to call it, I asked.

Tara Labs Space And Time Cables, he said.

I laughed and asked why, because I can he said.

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RE: Some new gear, can't say I'm impressed

Twisted RS 56 strand was always a favourite. (Recommended by Naim before they started selling NAC A4)

RS cable is still to be found inside many modern speakers (my own included).

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