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Second Home Hi-Fi (DAB, MP3, WMA, USB, Bluetooth, Wireless, Whatever)

I have this idea that I'd replace an old CD player / radio we have in a second home, with something bang up to date, but I'm bu**ered if I can find what I want. At the simplest I'd like to listen to Radio 2, radio 4, and some (CD) music. Getting a bit more into it, I'd like an eenie weenie system that has FM, DAB, MP3, WMA, USB playback. I don't need CD. It'd be good if it could record from radio. Wireless speakers would be cool, especially if I could wander about the holiday place with one when I'd like music in another room. I've got thousands of tracks in MP3 / WMA format. Some on my phone, many on PC at home so I'd have to copy what I wanted, perhaps onto the phone or a NAS device, but then things get even more complicate as we're talking computer networks here... Getting even more into it, I've got a load of DVD movies I could watch if the system was right and I fancied it, hey and how about having a projector thrown in...? No, really all I need is a small, smart solution to DAB radio and digital music that I can listen to around the house. Any ideas anyone?