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roksan and naim

hello people of what hifi,

you might know that ive got the system i want now, and my dad also knows, my dad loves this system ive got and he wants to get the same setup, except that he wants the bass to be little bit warmer and for the treble to be less bright.

now he likes the speakers and cd player as they are (cd5i and neat motive 2), and he was thinking that the roksan kandy mk.lll integrated amp would solve the problems, he wants sorting. (warmer bass and less brighter treble).

now then what im asking is for your opinions on this setup, and to say if it works or not, for the particular reasonings? 

and the reason im asking you, is because the shop, "cymbiosis" doesn't sell roksan and naim, ect. he only sells the naim and neat. 

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Re: roksan and naim

here we go again !!!    you must of miraculously come into some money. 

i expect your using your dad as a code for really asking for yourself.

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