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Replacement transport

Trichord Clock 4 modded TEAC VRDS 10 into a Musical Fidelity TriVista DAC, Rega Plannar 3 with RB250 arm and a Dynavector mk IV MC cartridge, Musical Fidelity KW550, Kef Reference Fours, Chord Odyssey bi-wired cable and JAV silver interconnects, shaffner multi stage mains cleaners.

The TEAC is starting to wobble now and I'm looking for a replacement. I was considering MFs M1 CDT transport but looking through some of the forums, I've noticed a lot of people using older CD players as transports. This only works if the digital output of the RCA is accurately clocked, something the Clock 4 provided from Trichord.

Does anyone know if Musical Fidelity's A3 CD players have accurate output clocks? How far down the economy chain does digital RCA accurate clocking go? MF use sony transports, do sony clock their CD/DVD/bluray digital outputs?

Many thanks for any insights.....