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Question on voltage.

Just a quick question on voltage.

Would i need a voltage converter for an amp rated at 220v ?

It would be an import from Germany were there mains is 220v.

Would 220v fry on our 230v mains?


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Re: Question on voltage.

We're supposed to be in harmony with Europe by calling our mains 230v, although in practice UK mains still measures 240v (mine typically measures 248 volts, but I do have a sub-station at the end of my garden). In theory, there shouldn't be a problem running an appliance rated 220v on a UK supply - I certainly haven't had a problem anyway.

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Re: Question on voltage.

Following voltage harmonisation across the EU, member state mains supply voltages had to be 230v +/- 10%. The UK mains voltage is supposed to be 230v +10%/-6%...or 216v to 253v.

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