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Newbie Trying to upgrade

Im looking to upgrade my system. I have these items which just dont match up. Im trying to make an entry level hifi system. 


Bohlender-graebener radia  420 4ohm planar speakers; audiosource power amp 3; a new rega brio-r integrated amp which is "4ohm stable" that i thought would be enough to power the radias but arent especially on the low end; a new dac which is fine.

The options im considering:

1: return the rega brio and get a preamp instead to use with the audiosource amp 3. However, the power amp 3 isnt very clean power but is strong.

2: keep the rega but replace the speakers, saving the power amp3 and the bg radia 420s for a seperate av system in the future.


I could bring myself to spend another g or two but i just spent a g on the rega brio r.


thoughts? Any help would be greatly appreciated!