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New system nightmare

Hello please someone help.

Basically I got myself  a Cambridge amp & cd player about 8 or 9 years ago but the cd player bust.

Decided I'd get myself a nice new system as I moved recently & my wife is not too partial to my big ol floor standers. (I'm not that keen on them either) Although I did like my Cambridge.

Anyway, listned to the Arcam Solo a couple of times once with RS1's and more recently with B&W 685's.

Both times I thought that the Arcam had a bit too much midrange for me.  Now I did like the 685's and saw in the latest What HiFi that they sound good with the new Marantz & Rotel RA04  If I heard this do you think I might think the same as I did the Arcam? If so what do you suggest??

BTW - I listen to dance music predominantly and have an average size room. 






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Re: New system nightmare

 Hi there,

The Solo is incredibly good at what it does - deliver excellent sound from a stylish, one-box unit - but it can't beat the performance of dedicated separates.

The £270 Marantz, £250 Rotel RA-04 and £385 B&Ws (with decent stands costing @£100) will sound absolutely corking for the money, and will have more heft and punch to suit the dance music you love. Just make sure those speakers don't get jammed up against the wall, or the bass could start to boom.

But don't take our word for it - like the Solo, have an audition (with the dance discs you love). 

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Re: New system nightmare

Thanks for that, will go and have a listen defo. 

Something I forgot to mantion though is that my room is a bit rubbish "sonically" as it has a dirty great fireplace in the middle of it. Which unfortunately speakers need to sit either side of really.  How close to walls is too close?

Thanks again


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Re: New system nightmare


If you feel you have a rubbish sounding room there really is only one solution to this kind of problem,and that is to try and home demo.Basically at best,a review is a very rough guide,simply because every room is different,has different nodes and modes that will effect the frequency response of any loudspeaker placed in it.Therefore,what can sound great in one room,can sound poor in other.

Having a fireplace in the middle of your speakers will effect the sound,where you place the speakers relative to the walls will effect the sound as well.You need to try a few pair of speakers at home and experiment,with electronics and the speakers.Personally I like all my speakers well into the room,I know this is not acceptable to most people,but I find to the get the best sound,you need to take the walls out of the equation the best you possibly can.

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Re: New system nightmare

Mmmmm I appreciate what your saying as after shelling out I'll have to live it for quite a while, but how many dealers allow you to take all their gear home?

Am going for a demo on thurs night so maybe I'll see what they say but in the meantime does anyone else have any suggestions for speakers/set up around a fireplace??



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