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New System

Essentially clearing out and starting again, total budget £1500 for new cd player, amplifier, speakers (preferably floorstanding and equipment rack), to go with a project debut turntable and sonos connect.

Think I've pretty much decided on the marantz CD6004 / PM6004 for the CD player and amp but looking for suggestions for suitable speakers and, especially the rack which needs to be spouse - friendly!

Also, should I consider anything else - phono stages, DACs, etc...

Anyone any thoughts?

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RE: New System

Would you consider all-in-ones? If so then Marantz CR603 would suit the wallet and OH. It is very discreet (and fairly pretty to boot), match that with some MA BX5 speakers and you're sorted.

If you're going for total separates then the aforementioned Marantz would be a really good option, matched with same speakers or Kef IQ50s or Q Acoustics 2050i (?). Alternatively, look at Arcam A18/CD17 with MAs or Kefs.

Regards rack really depends on decor/style of preferance. The one I use is this:


Phono stages: the separates have fabulous in-built stages, not sure about the CR603 though. If not then this could be handy:  http://www.richersounds.com/product/phono-pre-amps/project/phono-box-usb-v/proj-phonobox-usb-va


This my pic of the rack and how it looks in real time:

In case you go for the all-in-one option they do a 'mini' version of the rack.

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RE: New System

I agree with PP or for serparates have a look here: http://www.richersounds.com/package/system-savers/hifi-separate-systems/pah01825 seems to fit the bill and leaves you with about £500 for a rack, cables and some new music. I would not worry about a DAC as the one in the CD player is good. The PM6004 has a phono stage built in. There are thousands of racks available in your price range, it shouldn't be difficult to find one acceptable to the Other Half (fingers crossed).

Do listen before you buy, if at all possible.

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RE: New System

Rega Brio-R, Apollo-R, and RS1s?  Compact, simple looking and incredible sound.  Alternatively seek out some pre-owned R3 or RS3 floorstanders if you really don't want standmounts.

For a nice rack look at the Blok ones.  I've got a Blok 300 in walnut and it is really nice and very sturdy.

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