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New system!


I'm new at the forums and I wold like to make some questions to you. I'm from Portugal and I'm planning to buy a new audio system.

The system I'm looking for is for my living room that haves 37 M2. This system is to listem music, play Playstation 3 and to get the audio from Blue-Ray and DVD from the Playstation 3.

I'm not looking for a 5.1 or 7.1 system, I want a 2.1 without sub woofer and with a small speakers.

My first choice was the Cambridge Audio Azur 540A with Monitor Audio RS1 speakers but I think the speakers are to big, I dont know. I want to put the speakers next to the TV so they have to be on the top of the furniture.

Lately I saw one micro system from Yamaha, the E810. What do you think about this system? Is this good for my living room? The power output is 65W per channel. In my parents house I have a Harman Kardon AVR 21 with a Bose Serie 5 and it sounds very good. The living room has 27 M2.

Can you please give me some advise on what system should I buy?

Thanks in advance.