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New House, New Hiss

Hi all!

Long time readerbut first-time poster.

I've read a lot of topics on the subject before posting this, so here goes. My system is: laptop running j-river - Chord Silver Plus USB - V-DAC ii - Marantz PM6004 - Chord Sarens Speaker Cable - Arcaydis DM-1 Speakers. I had this setup up and running at my previous house, in a small-ish bedroom, with no problems at all for about six months.

I've just moved into a new house and have the exact same setup in my new living room. After first setting up, I had about 2 hours of problem free playback but, when returning from a short trip out, I turned everything back on to a horrendous hiss from my speakers. This has been continous ever since, with or without input, and is audible in the background if tracks and is audible from the other side of the room when nothing is playing. I've bypassed every unit in the chain bar my amplifier (I even borrowed some speakers, with no improvement), and, after reading many similar topics on here, purchased a Tacima mains conditioner but, again, to no audible reduction in hiss.

Oh wise denizens of What Hi Fi? forums, please help this bumbling frustrated amateur; he's losing his mind!

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RE: New House, New Hiss

Oh, and the level is constant, regardless of the volume on my amp.

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RE: New House, New Hiss

You undertook a pretty comprehensive problem elimination process ... bar the amplifier. Would'nt it make sense to check that item too? No?


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RE: New House, New Hiss

Yep pretty much sounds like the amplifier.  Unusual that it should suddenly start doing this but you must have it checked.


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RE: New House, New Hiss

Exactly what I didn't want to read but at least I know what I'm doing with my Saturday now.


Cheers folks.

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