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Marantz PM 6004 v PM Ki Pearl lite

I'm considering both of these amps but wondering if the extra £350 is worth it for the Pearl Lite, I have a Roksan Kandy KC1 Mk111 and Mission 774 floorstanders listen mainly to Rock music and like plenty of bass. Would appreciate everybodys views. thanks

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RE: Marantz PM 6004 v PM Ki Pearl lite

Why do you want to get rid of the Kandy? I'm suprised it isn't doing the job!  The go on ebay for more money than the 6004 costs new. I would of thought that the Pearl Lite was on a similar level and the 6004 a step or too below. As always, you need to audition the amps you're interested in.

Maybe your amps okay and you need to change something else?



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